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Understanding Our Clients Needs

We work to make sure our projects are completed to highest quality and with the utmost care. Our Clients feel we can get any job complete within the appopriate deadling and with efficient fashion. MCM Concrete prides themselves for the dedicated hard work our staff accomplishes with every challenge. Here are just a few of our Projects for Reference.

20 Waterway

33,000 SF 4 level restaurant bldg

Allied Power

66,625 sf slab with 170,000 sf paving

Atascocita Phase 4

290,000 SF of paving w/ curbs and light pole bases

BICO Drilling Tools

49,065 sf slab with 53 panels

Black Rock Commons

Slab 27,000 SF; Tilt Panels 15 at 10,015 SF; Paving 129,649 SF; Sidwalks, Extruded and Monolithic Curbs, Pipe Bollards, Light Pole Base

Buckalew Chevrolet

60,000 SF tilt wall car dealership bldg w/ 63 panels at 35,100 SF and 320,000 SF paving

Candelwood Suites

4 story extended stay hotel, 60,752 sq ft

BASF Center

13,245 sf, 35 panel school

Bay Colony

Slab 41,291 SF, Mezzanines 43,582 SF; Tilt Panels 72 Panels at 53,182 SF; with Sidewalks, Elevator Pits, Stairs/Landings, and Dumpster Pad Foundation

Beltway Lakes Office Park

165,000 sq ft, 6 story office bldg and 3 story precast parking garage

Circuit City #4249

Slab 20,533 SF; Tilt Panels 25 at 16,254 SF; Paving 100,000 SF; Sidwalks and Pipe Bollards

City Center - Sitework & Building 12

5 story office bldg – 26,500 SF slab, 97,200 SF 2-5 flr, 13,000 SF swalks

City Center 15

150,000 sq ft, six story office bldg

City Center Bldg 10

Slab 80,000 SF; Mezzanines 76,000 SF; Tilt Panels 85 at 79,712; Paving 5,600 SF of 7″; Sidewalks, Curbs, Pipe Bollards

Our Project Gallery